Strides Latest Release Strides Trainer and Strides Premium

Strides specialising in equestrian course design software including Strides Course Design has released two new software products, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium.

Strides Trainer is software similar to Strides Course Design but specially formulated for riders and trainers to design jumping exercises and home schooling courses. Strides Premium is a combined program of both Strides Course Design and Strides Trainer.

There are many great exercises used for training horses, but unfortunately details about them are easily lost. A common problem for trainers and riders is most of the information from each clinic will be quickly forgotten afterwards. Strides Trainer is the solution to these issues. To get the most out of each lesson received just record the exercises and any relevant notes into Strides Trainer. It is common knowledge that horses learn through repetition, replicate these exercises at home to gain a competitive edge. Use Strides Trainer to design the exercises before moving any jumps and spend more time training horses and/or riders. Save these designs to keep track of all exercises performed for future reference.

To benefit from the features of Strides Course Design and Strides Trainer, Strides Premium is the answer. Ideal for riders or trainers who also design courses, equestrian yards that hold shows as well as clinics and riding organisations such as pony clubs and riding clubs. Purchase Strides Premium and design both clinic and competition courses with it.

To purchase Strides Trainer or Strides Premium visit and purchase through paypal. If you wish to purchase through other means, please contact me on or +64 021 430 685.