New features on Strides now includes combination templates

The latest update for Strides Course Design and Strides Premium include the latest features to add more flexibility to your individual requirements and to shorten the amount of time creating courses.

  • Combination templates are a set of predesigned combinations of doubles and treble each containing a mix of verticals and oxers. By using these templates allows the combination to be selected, moved, turned, edited and numbered as an individual fence, instead of having to create each element and then move number and add the appropriate letter. This not only makes the design quicker and easier but also reduces the complexity to the numbering.

  • Combination template builder, build your own combination template with as many elements as you wish. The above templates are made up of verticals and oxers, but should you wish to create a less frequently used combination, such as having one with a triple bar or a wall or creating a quadruple. This combination template builder is especially useful Strides Premium Users when creating grids or gymnastic exercises, as you can then create any mix of fences.

  • Optional distance unit for arena display. For those who prefer the arena to be displayed in feet can select "Format/..." Each square will be 3' or 1 yard. This can make basic designing much easier to get an approximation for distances as four squares will make one standard 12' (3.65m). You can then print the arena in this format or change it back to metres if you wish.

If you are not prompted about this update or have no evidence of it, please visit, login and then download the latest version.

Image of Strides premium with the new combination templates on toolbar