Update 5.2.1

Update 5.2.1 on Strides Course Design now has the new features including the display currently saved arenas and course designers on the strides Course tree to allow the user to delete unused arenas and course designers. Click on View and then select View Arenas or View Designers to display.
On the Print Preview you can also print your course in a Full Course format as well as the standard Landscape or Portrait. Full Course format is ideal for courses on longer but thinner arenas when printing for the course build as it prints a full page course, but it does not include the course information like times, speeds and distances.
If you are using a Mac, make sure you have the latest JRE software installed by visiting www.java.com and then make the update by running Strides Course Design for at least half a minute and then rerun it. Windows users using Java Web Start can make the update in a similar fashion, but if you have used the Windows Installer you will be prompted about this update when you next close Strides Course Design (while online).