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Strides Course Design

Easy to use Equestrian course design software

Whether a professional or amateur course designer, Strides makes it easier to build better courses that riders appreciate.

Courses that are built with a pre-planned design are always better than those made up on location, but all initial designs require a considerable amount of editing and re-editing until a viable course is created. With Strides simply make one plan and edit it until you reach your creative genius.

  • Auto jump numbering and distance measurement
  • Build courses from scratch or start with your previous course
  • Take the guesswork out of corners with Strides Corner Check tool
  • Create custom arenas
  • Verticals, oxers, triple bars, liverpools, water jumps and banks included
  • Edit your course as you build then print and display
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac computers
  • Full support available via email 7-days a week
  • 1 year Strides Lite subscription included FREE
  • No extra software required - one click installer

Strides Course Design purchase

From New Zealand $199.95NZD (GST inclusive)
Outside New Zealand $159.95USD

Includes a FREE 1 year Strides Lite subscription. Valued at $89.95NZD in New Zealand or $59.95USD outside New Zealand.

Strides Course Design Demo

Demonstration video of designing a new showjumping course using version: 7.471. To see more demonstration videos and tutorials, please visit the Strides Video Library





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