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Updates to Strides Course Design

The latest version of Strides Course Design now has five new features to create more options for the course designer while designing the course. This should make course designing easier and more accurate. An accurately designed course significantly reduces time while building the actual course.

  1. Manual measuring. Use the mouse to drag around the course so you can dictate exactly where the timed track goes. Click on Tools on the menu bar and then select Manual Measure. You will then reselect Tools and then click the round you wish to measure. For further details on manually measuring your course visit

  2. Pole length adjustment. You can now set the length of poles for each fence in the course, so you can specify a particularly narrow fence in a course or in a small arena such as an indoor ring you can set the poles to an exact length to allow you to design exactly to scale. The pole lengths can be entered in metres or feet. Right click on the pole and then enter the distance into the dialog box.

  3. Improved measuring for Two Phases. Due to a large percentage of show jumping classes today are run as a two phase, I have now got the course tracker to recognise the finish flags from the first phase as the start flags for the second phase. When there is an absence of start flags in front of the first jump off fence the program will prompt an option to run the class as a "Two Phase". This option is a safe guard, in case you have simply forgotten to add the start flags for the jump off.

  4. Keyboard setting. A highlighted fence can now be deleted by pressing the backspace or the deletebuttons. The course can also be saved by pressing ctrl-S (Control S) and ctrl-P (Control P) to print the displayed course.

  5. Wall shape adjusted to scale. I have now refined the shape of the wall to better indicate its length and width in relation to the scale of the course.

To receive these updates, you will need to run Strides while your computer is online for at least a minute (maybe longer if you do not have high speed internet), close it and then finally reopen the program. You should now have these updates on your computer.





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