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A guide on how to use Strides Programs including Strides Course Design 2021 and Strides Lite as well as older versions of Strides including Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium..

Edit Arena

Edit arena

Edit arena

An arena can resized and reshaped to any shape you wish.

  1. Click on the Edit Arena button, to open the edit arena frame.Edit Arena Button

  2. Use the first two drop down boxes to adjust length or width.

  3. The next dropdown box allows you to select the arena shape. While most arena are rectangular, you round the edges for a smarter course plan. For an irregular shape select polygon.

  4. After selecting polygon each corner can now be dragged to your desirable position.

  5. To add an extra corner, click on the Crop corner button, then click on the part of the border you wish to crop off and the the other side of the corner and on the border. This creates two new corners. Each can be dragged to you preferred posit

  6. Please note, that only one corner can be cropped or inverted at a time.

  7. A corner can be inverted if the arena boundary goes inwards. Click on the Invert Corner button. Then click on the part of the arena boundary you wish to start the invert, then click inside the arena where the new boundary goes in to and finally click the arena boundary on the other side of a corner.

  8. Please note, that only one corner can be cropped or inverted at a time.

  9. To add a rounded corner, click on the Round Corner button. Click on two parts on the arena boundary and each side of a corner. This is just like cropping a corner. Once the corner has been cropped, drag the circle that has just appeared on the corner alter how round the corner is to be.

  10. When you are happy with the shape of the arena click Save.

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