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Strides User Guide

A guide on how to use Strides Programs including Strides Course Design 2021 and Strides Lite as well as older versions of Strides including Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium..

Editing a fence

Fine movement of fence
Drag a fence
Set up for edit
Change direction of jump
Turn jump clockwise
Turn jump anti-clockwise
Delete a fence
Automatic numbering
Manual numbering
Add combination letter
Select a number for a fence
Set the distance
Adjust pole length
Turn with Turn Dial

Set the distance

Actual distances can be set, either by simple dragging, fine button movement or by setting the actual chosen distance.

  1. While the design panel is in a grid format with each small square represent one metre and each larger square representing ten metres, more accurate methods are available dor setting distances.

  2. Distances between each combination elements, related lines and broken lines can be displayed by selectingView and then checking View all distances.

  3. Simple adjustments can be made by simply moving one of the fences.

  4. For finer adjustments you can select a fence and then use the arrows on the tool bar to move the fence in small increments.

  5. The third method is to set the actual distance. To set the distance select the second fence on the line you wish to adjust and right click on it and select Select distance.

  6. A dialog box showing all suggested distances and textbox where you can enter the distance you wish to use.

  7. Unless you are building for a high level class and you are highly experienced course designer youself or you are building in extreme conditions like on a large slope, it highly recommended that you set distances within these threshholds.

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