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Strides User Guide

A guide on how to use Strides Programs including Strides Course Design 2021 and Strides Lite as well as older versions of Strides including Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium..

Measure rounds

Measure all rounds
Measure an individual round
Manual measure each round
Select the measure set
Enter distance into round
Edit a measured round

Manual measure each round

You can choose to manually measure any round by dragging the mouse around the course. This can be useful if you want a particular route measured.

  1. Select Tools on menu bar then select Set Manual Measure and then reselect Toolsand then click on the round you wish to measure.

  2. This invokes the manual measurer

  3. Move the mouse to the start flags and then press it down

  4. Drag the mouse around the course until you reach the end. Notice that while dragging the mouse a track appears behind it.

  5. Release the mouse at this position.

  6. Click on the stop measuring button on the top toolbar.

  7. You should now notice that the distance, speeds and time allowed of each measured round should now be displayed on the right hand side of course plan. Repeat this process until you are happy with the measured track of each round.

  8. You should view each round to ensure that they are properly measured

  9. It is still advisable to measure the course physically to ensure the actual distances for each round is accurate.

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