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A guide on how to use Strides Programs including Strides Course Design 2021 and Strides Lite as well as older versions of Strides including Strides Course Design, Strides Trainer and Strides Premium..

Course components

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Hidden jump
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Hidden jump

The strides tracking engine, creates a track base on the location and direction of each jump. It finds the most logical route between them. What if you want the track to take a specific route or go inside a jump? To take control of the of the actual track you can use hidden jumps. Hidden jumps are visible when the drawing pad is in design mode but but will be invisible in the output modes or printouts. Hidden jumps are used to control the track between fences. This can be done with one hidden jump or as many as it takes to get the track to go exactly where you want it to go.
The other use for hidden jumps is to allow an offset line between start or finish flags to the first fence or from the last fence. In general, most courses will have the start line directly in front of the first fences and the finish line directly behind the last fence, but there are situations when this is not possible. Hidden jumps are the solution to this issue. If the first fence is not on a direct line from the start flags you will need to put a hidden fence in line with the start flags and at an appropriate position that will lead to the first fence. Likewise if the finish flags are not in line after the last fence you will need to put a hidden jump in front of the the finish flagsand at an appropriate position from the last fence.

  1. To add a new hidden jump, click on the hidden jump button.

  2. Move the mouse to the position you wish to place it at and then click that spot.

  3. Use the turn buttons to turn it clockwise anti-clockwise or change direction until you get the jump into the desired direction.

  4. There is no automatic numbering for hidden jumps. Right click over the highlighted hidden jump and select Select Number.

  5. Select the number given to the previous fence. If this hidden jump is to go after the start flags select 0.

  6. Right click again and select Select letter.

  7. If the previous fence is combination select the next letter afte utr the last combination element.

  8. If the previous fence was the last element of a double select C.

  9. If the previous fence was not part of a combination select A

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